Academic Lecture: Threshold enhancement in ppbar invariant mass spectrum


Experimental Physics Division (EPD) seminar

Title: Threshold enhancement in ppbar invariant mass spectrum

Speaker: Dr. Xianwei Kang(康现伟), Beijing Normal university

Chair: Dr. Yanping Huang (黄燕萍), IHEP

Time: 10:00, Thursday , 18th, April, 2019

Location: B326, main building



The huge peak around the proton-antiproton (ppbar) mass threshold was observed in the J/psi radiative decay from BESII, and confirmed by BESIII. The nature about that is still challenging and various interpretations have been proposed. We have seriously and quantitatively considered the final state interaction (FSI) between ppbar in several decay modes observed in BES collaboration.It turns out that the FSI must not be a neglectable ingredient, and the prominent peak mentioned in J/psi radiative decay would be interpreted as a bound state.

In this talk, we will introduce how we construct the chiral potential to treat nucleon-antinucleon scattering, and the resulting FSI. We have also applied our such method to the process of e+e- -> multipions, where the observed clear dip structure in experiment is also described.

About the speaker:

Dr. Xianwei Kang (康现伟)

2017, Vistor in Academia Sinica, Taiwan

2014 – 2017, Post-doc in Juelich research center, Germany and Murcia university , Spain

2014, Ph.D in Physics, Bonn university, Germany

2008, Bachelor in Physics, Henan Normal university

More detailed CV can be found in indico page