Academic Lecture: EKHARA and PHOKHARA Monte Carlo generators: the status and the latest upgrades


Experimental Physics Division (EPD) seminar 
Title: EKHARA and PHOKHARA Monte Carlo generators: the status and the latest upgrades 
Speaker: Prof. Henryk Czyz (University of Silesia, Poland) 
Time: 14:00, Wednesday 21st Nov 2018 
Location: C305 main building 

Monte Carlo events generators EKHARA and PHOKHARA are presented. 
The seminar starts with an overview of the codes. Its main part contains latest developments in the codes: 
1. the radiative corrections to the e^+e^- \to e^+e^-P reaction 
2. the new implementation of the e^+e^- \to e^+e^-\pi^+\pi^-$ process 
3. the complete NLO radiative corrections to e^+e^- \to \pi^+\pi^- \gamma 

About the speaker: 
Prof. Henryk Czyz obtained his PhD in physics in 1988 from Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry University of Silesia. He is head of Division of Field Theory and Elementary Particle Physics and the former director of Institute of Physics at University of Silesia. He has long-term collaboration with INFN Bologna, INFN Frascati, University of Karlsruhe, CERN, Johannes Gutenberg University and Helmholtz Institute, Mainz. An expert in high precision QED calculations, Prof. Czyz is one of the principal authors of the well-known generators PHOKHARA and EKHARA, which are widely used in B factories, tau-charm factories and phi factory to extract physics input for high precision prediction of the muon magnetic moment anomaly (g-2) and the running of the fine structure constant (alpha).