Academic Lecture: Atmospheric Neutrino Flux and Neutrino Physics


Title: Atmospheric Neutrino Flux and Neutrino Physics 
Speaker:Morihiro Honda(University of Tokyo) 
Moderator: Prof. Cao Jun
Time: 10:00, Nov.21
Place: Room C305, IHEP Main Building
With a short review of cosmic ray, the calculation of atmospheric neutrino flux is over viewed. Then the observation of atmospheric neutrino and its application to the neutrino physics are presented. 
About the speaker:
Morihiro Honda, PHD 1979, Tohoku University, 
Professor of Institute of Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo, expert on the atmospheric neutrino flux. From 1990, he has been calculating the atmospheric neutrino flux for more than 20 years. His neutrino flux prediction was adopted by many experiments, including Super-Kamiokande which discovered the atmospheric neutrino oscillation leading to the 2015 Nobel Prize.