IHEP Scientists Participate in International Conference on High Energy Physics


A team of about 40 members from the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) attended the 39th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) in Seoul from July 4 to 11.

Led by Prof. Wang Yifang, IHEP director, the team presented two plenary talks, about 40 parallel talks and several posters, covering experimental results, theory, accelerator physics, detector innovation and various projects at the conference. Prof. Ruan Manqi and Prof. Wen Liangjian were co-conveners for the accelerator and  neutrino sessions respectively.

Prof. Lou Xinchou, director of IHEP's Experimental Physics Division, presented a plenary talk overviewing future high energy electron-positron colliders (ILC, CILC, CEPC and FCC(ee)). Lou's talk covered the physics goals, current status, challenges and possible paths to realizing the next e+e- collider(s). Prof. Fang Shuangshi presented the experimental summary of exotic states, which included recent experimental progress in exotic states, their possible theoretical interpretations and the next steps of experimental study.

During the conference, the IHEP team organized a satellite meeting on the Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) project. The CEPC team reported on  progress of the CEPC project, the study of its physics capabilities, and the next steps forward based on the accelerator and detector design and R&D. Participants also discussed ways to strengthen international collaboration.

A directors’ forum and round table discussion were organized during the conference. The directors of IHEP, CERN, TRIUMF, KEK and a senior scientist from FNAL were invited to be present and discussed the future developments and planning of high energy physics and international collaborations.

During the conference, the IHEP team widely communicated their progress and future plans with scientists in the high energy physics community from all around the world in an effort to create long-lasting collaborations with them.  Two groups from IHEP and Korea announced their intention to improve their communication and collaboration in high energy physics research.


Directors’ forum and round table discussions. From left to right are Yifang Wang (Director of IHEP), Fabiola Gianotti (Director-General of CERN), Masanori Yamauchi (Director-General of KEK), Joel Bulter (Spokesperson of CMS) and Jonathan Bagger (Director of TRIUMF).(Image by IHEP)


Prof. Lou Xinchou gives a plenary talk (Image by IHEP)


 Prof. Fang Shuangshi gives a plenary talk (Image by IHEP)

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