Academic Lecture: Chiral kinetic theory from quantum field theory


Title: Chiral kinetic theory from quantum field theory 
Speaker:Prof. Shi Pu (USTC) 
Time:3:00pm, Apr.23rd,2018,Monday 
Place: Seminar Room 319 

Abstract: Charged currents can be induced by strong magnetic fields in the presence of the imbalanced Weyl fermions, called Chiral Magnetic Effect. In order to describe such quantum effects, we need the chiral kinetic theory, which is an effective Boltzmann equations with quantum corrections. In this talk, we will briefly discuss the derivation of the chiral kinetic theory in the presence of weak electromagnetic fields from quantum field theories. We also find the Lorentz covariance of this theory leads to modified Lorentz transformation of distribution function associated with side-jump phenomena further influenced by background fields and collisions.