Academic Lecure: Data intensive science in High Energy and Nuclear Physics


Title: Data intensive science in High Energy and Nuclear Physics 

Time: 15:00, March 14
Place:Meeting room in Computing Center
Speaker: Ososkov 
About the speaker: 
  Education and Carrier: 
  Honors Diploma (M.Ph.), Moscow State University. Awarded in 1953 
  Ph.D. in mathematics, Moscow State University, under the supervision of Acad. A. N. Kolmogorov. Awarded in 1957 
  Doctor of Science Degree in physics and mathematics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Awarded in 1987 
  Professor of Computational Statistics, Ivanovo State university, Russia. Awarded in 1991

  Professional Positions: 
  1953 - 1956 - postgraduate study in Moscow State University 
  1956 - 1961 - engineer, scientist, senior scientist in the Special Research Institute of Electronic Industry at Moscow, USSR 
  Since 1961 an employee of Joint Institute for Nuclear research, Dubna,Russia: 
  1961 - 1966 senior scientist - group leader, 
  1966 - 1995 Head of computational statistics group 
  1995 - present Principal researcher 
  1988 - 2002 Professor of computational statistics at the Ivanovo State University 
  2000 - present Professor of the Dubna, International University of nature, society and man 
  2000 - 2015 Professor of the Dubna Branch of the Moscow State Technical University for Electronics and Automation 

  Area of expertise: 
  mathematical statistics, pattern recognition, neural networks, wavelet analysis, simulations, cloud computing, data storage, optimization

    Priakhina Daria : 
  Software-engeneer in LIT JINR 
  PhD student in Dubna University 
  Developer of frid and cloud simulation program