Academic Lecture: Status and Future of Global Internet


Title: Status and Future of Global Internet 
Speaker: Dr.Liyan Zhang(张立言 博士)
Director of Network Technology, with a World Top-3 ISP 
VP, Washington Network Society (CAST-DC), Washington, DC USA 
Time:15:00, December 20
Place:Room C305,IHEP Main Building 

Abstract: Modern Internet has fundamentally changed the global society, business and people’s life, and is here to stay and rein. Therefore, the Internet has made the entire world into a Global Village. Have you ever wondered what happened to the numerous messages that you sent using your smart phones? What happened to them over the network (Internet!) and how did they get to the other end? What is the status of global internet as an infrastructure, and where it is going? Please come to listen to the hands-on story from a one-time scientist or engineer just like you, not a trained computer scientist. In addition, he is going to touch upon the status of quantum communication, terrestrial as well as satellite and ground networking. 

Speaker bio: Dr. Liyan Zhang is currently the Director of Network Technology with a World Top-3 ISP, where he is responsible for technology evaluation, network architecture, planning, engineering as well as operation. At his spare time, he is a Vice President of Washington Network Society (CAST-DC), who runs the “Grand Master and Celebrity” seminars with past professor speakers from MIT/Princeton/JHU/CMU etc. Dr. Zhang has over 30 years of academic and industrial R&D experiences, including as student and faculty at the University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei), and as Member of Technical Staff with the Bell Labs (Holmdel and Crawford Hill), Lucent Technologies at Jew Jersey, USA. He has over 20 years of experiences on fiber optical communications, systems and most recently internet networking. He now works for a world top 3 ISP who carries about 1/5 to 1/7 of global internet traffic, an astounding volume of various kinds of data. Dr. Zhang attended USTC (Hefei) in 1979 at age 15 as the number one in physics from his home province in China and upon graduation, joined the Modern Physics faculty with USTC (Hefei), subsequently went abroad for about 30 years. He is a well-rounded high-tech, communications and internet professional.