Academic Lecture: Vector Tetraquarks and $\Omega_c$-Baryons in Diquark Model


Title: Vector Tetraquarks and $\Omega_c$-Baryons in Diquark Model 
Speaker: Prof.Alexander Parkhomenko (Yaroslavl State University) 
Time: 3:00PM, Nov.13th, 2017 (Monday) 
Place: Theoretical Physics Division, 319 

Abstract: Hidden-charm orbitally excited tetraquarks are analyzed in the diquark model, using an effective Hamiltonian incorporating the dominant spin-spin, spin-orbit and tensor interactions. Comparison with charmonia and with the narrow excited $\Omega_c$-baryons discovered by the LHCb Collaboration recently is done. Given the uncertain experimental situation on $Y$-tetraquarks, two different mass spectra are assumed for the states and related parameters in the diquark model are discussed, including the constrains from the excited $\Omega_c$-baryons. The diquark model allows to select a preferable $Y$-states pattern. The existence of higher vector resonances, as the one predicted with $L=3$, would be another footprint of the underlying diquark dynamics.