Academic Lecture: Recent experience from NSLS-II commissioning, operations and beam studies


Title: Recent experience from NSLS-II commissioning, operations and beam studies 
Speaker: Dr.Timur Shaftan 
Moderator: Prof. He Ping
Time: 14:00, Nov.6
Place: Room C305, IHEP Main Building

“NSLS-II accelerator systems have been commissioned in 2014 and now operating at 350 mA with horizontal emittance of 1 nm rad. 20 beam lines are taking synchrotron radiation beams at the rate of 4750 hours a year. 
In this presentation the speaker will discuss milestones of beam commissioning and increasing performance of the NSLS-II injector and storage ring. Findings from recent beam studies and advances in accelerator physics will be presented.” 

About the speaker:
Dr.Timur Shaftan graduated from NSTU(Russia) with Electrical Engineering / Physics degree in 1990. He obtained his PhD from BINP in 1997 under supervision of Dr. Vinokurov. His PhD thesis was focused on characterization of motion of a single electron in VEPP-3 storage ring. 
He joined Brookhaven National laboratory in 2000. He was working on FEL and high-brightness beam physics at ATF and SDL, contributing to development and commissioning of High-Gain Harmonic Generation FEL. 
After working at NSLS for a few years T.Shaftan joined NSLS-II project in 2005 where his primary duties was design, construction and commissioning of the NSLS-II injector.In 2013, once injector has been commissioned, he switched to preparation of the storage ring commissioning that he and his colleagues completed in summer of 2014. Since then he was coordinating NSLS-II accelerator operations and last year took responsibility of managing NSLS-II Accelerator Division.