Chinese Physics C Celebrates 40th Anniversary


“Chinese Physics C”, the high energy and nuclear physics journal published jointly by IHEP, the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Physical Society, celebrated its fortieth anniversary of publication at a special symposium held at IHEP on 13th November.

The current Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Yifang Wang, IHEP Director, opened the symposium, followed by speeches from Prof. Yuan Youjin (Institute of Modern Physics), Dr. Lü Li (Chinese Physical Society) and other invited guests. Prof. Zhu Yongsheng, one of the previous Associate Editors-in-Chief, then gave an overview of the journal’s history, followed by an entertaining series of anecdotes from the journal’s early days by Prof. Du Dongsheng.


Prizes were then presented for the most outstanding articles of 2016, and for the top reviewers from 2016 and 2017. Two academic presentations followed, one on the status of neutrino physics experiments in China, by Prof. Cao Jun (IHEP), and one on atomic mass measurement and evaluation, by Prof. Wang Meng (Institute of Modern Physics), representing the two core strands of the journal’s scope.


The fortieth anniversary symposium was followed by the 2017 Editorial Board meeting.


“Chinese Physics C” started publication in November 1977, as a Chinese-language bimonthly journal called “High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics”. In 1989 it switched to monthly publication, and in 1999 began publishing both Chinese and English articles. In 2003, the journal became part of the “Chinese Physics” series published by the Chinese Physical Society, and the name was changed to “Chinese Physics C” in 2008, along with a change to full English publication. The same year, the journal entered into a partnership with IOP Publishing (UK) for international distribution. The current Impact Factor is 5.084, and it is ranked Q1 internationally (Journal Citation Reports) for both Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics.



Prof. Wang Yifang, Editor-in-Chief of “Chinese Physics C” and Director of IHEP, gives the opening speech at the 40th Anniversary Symposium (Image by IHEP)

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