Division of Nuclear Technology and Applications

The Division of Nuclear Technology and Applications is mainly engaged in high technology R&D and system integration. It is a research base for advanced ray technologies, advanced accelerator technologies, and applications of nuclear technologies. The Division takes social and economic needs as its direction of development. By actively attracting investment from society and working with industry, it is dedicated to promoting technology application and transfer.

At present, the Division focuses on R&D for tomography diagnosis equipment (PET, SPECT, PET/CT, SPECT/CT), and various energy industrial irradiation and ray source accelerators. The Division is engaged in developing nuclear analytical techniques and using them for interdisciplinary studies.It is capable of fabricating detectors of various kinds, electronic and nuclear instruments, and key parts of S- and L- wave band accelerating cavities.

The Division has also set up an open platform for application research and damage-testing services to domestic institutions to promote technology transfer.