2017 Annual BSRF User & Expert Meeting Successfully Held

2017 Annual BSRF User & Expert Meeting Successfully Held (Image by IHEP)

The 2017 Annual BSRF User & Expert Meeting was successfully held in Guiyang From August 23 to 25. 240 experts and user representatives from 58 universities, institutions and enterprises attended the meeting.

Chen Hesheng, Director of the BEPC National Laboratory, opened the meeting by extending his warm congratulations to the meeting. In his remarks, Chen said that to generate significant scientific results is the basis for the sustainable development of the facilities. During the last year, the open runs in the three synchrotron facilities in Beijing, Shanghai and Hefei operates well. Other than securing the current facilities, we have launched the construction at Platform of Advanced Photon Source Technology R&D, High Energy Photon Source-Test Facility and beamlines at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, etc. These are good opportunities for us and we need to keep close ties with the users and listen to their opinions.

This annual meeting had 12 invited talks, 30 parallel talks and 32 posters. The three synchrotron radiation facilities at home reported respectively on the progress of their work. CSNS ( China Spallation Neutron Source) reported about their project progress. The talks and reports covered a wide range of topics, including life sciences, environmental sciences, material sciences, nano-materials and catalytic chemistry. 6 posters were selected as the best posters by the reviewing team.

In the meeting, the experts reviewed the 13 applications and running plan for BSRF. They suggested developing new imaging methods, increasing the training courses for users and seeking more funds for the beamline construction at HEPS.

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