2017 KEK-IHEP Cooperation Meeting held in Japan

2017 KEK-IHEP Cooperation Meeting held in Japan(Image by IHEP)

The 2017 KEK-IHEP Cooperation Meeting was held at KEK, Japan, on September 7, 2017

Prof. YAMAUCHI Masanori, Director-General of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), heading the Japanese delegation, opened the meeting by expressing a warm welcome to the Chinese guests. Prof. WANG responded with great thanks for KEK’s hospitality and he said he was very glad to come to KEK again. He also mentioned that Asia is now very active in high energy physics and for conducting physics study, international collaboration is essential. 

Dr. YAMAUCHI outlined research activities and facilities in KEK and J-PARC. Prof. WANG briefly introduced the current activities at IHEP.

During the meeting, both sides reported on their various scientific activities over the past year in the fields of material science, particle and nuclear physics, accelerators, and progress in CEPC.

In the afternoon session, participants discussed at great length on progress and prospects in accelerator research in IHEP, progress in ILC R&D, CSNS Status Report and neutrino projects at IHEP. In the meeting, both sides signed the MoU for R&D for high luminosity colliders.

Both sides agreed to hold the next cooperative meeting around spring in 2019 in China.

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