Academic Lecture: Role of Heavy Quark Symmetry in Pentaquark Production


Title: Role of Heavy Quark Symmetry in Pentaquark Production 
Speaker: Prof.Muhammad Jamil Aslam (Quaid-i-Azam University) 
Time: 10:00AM, Aug.11th,2017(Friday) 
Place: Theoretical Physics Division, 319 

Abstract: The discovery of charmonium-like resonance X(3872) by Belle Collaboration in 2003 has opened a new chapter in the quarkonium-like spectroscopy. So far more than dozen exotic states have been observed in the meson sector and in 2015, the LHCb collaboration has reported the first observation of two hidden charm pentaquark states. The emphasis of the talk is to give a brief review of the diquark model and its implications to predict the mass spectrum of pentaquark states. Later, the role of heavy quark symmetry in the production of pentaquark states through weak decays of b-baryons will be discussed in detail.