Academic Lecture: Conformal Thermal Tensor Network on Topological Manifolds


Title: Conformal Thermal Tensor Network on Topological Manifolds 
Speaker: Prof. Wei Li (Beihang University) 
Time: 10:00AM, July 31st, 2017 (Monday) 
Place: Theoretical Physics Division,312 

Abstract: In this talk, the speaker will introduce the thermal tensor network method for quantum manybody systems at finite temperature, including the transfer-matrix RG, finite-temperature DMRG, linearized tensor RG, etc. Then he will talk about our recent work on universal entropy of 1 1D critical quantum systems on non-orientable manifolds, which might have correspondence in black hole thermodynamics via AdS/CFT. Lastly, he will discuss how to use tensor network algorithms to simulate real-time evolution of a thermal state.