Academic Lecture: IceCube and the Discovery of Energetic Cosmic Neutrinos


Title: IceCube and the Discovery of Energetic Cosmic Neutrinos 
Speaker:Albrecht Karle(University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
Moderator: Prof.HU Hongbo
Time: 14:30, July 25
Place:Room 623, IHEP Main Building 
The IceCube Neutrino detector at the South Pole uses more than a billion tons of natural ice as a target for neutrino detection.IceCube detects more than 100,000 neutrinos per year from GeV to PeV energies. While most of them originate from cosmic rays hitting the Earth’s atmosphere, IceCube has identified a flux of neutrinos above 100 TeV that is predominately of cosmic origin. 
The speaker will discuss the detector, the analysis of the data and the findings obtained, as well as new strategies to extract more information. Plans for next generation neutrino detector optical and radio detectors, IceCube-Gen2 and ARA will be presented.