Delegation of the University of the Witwatersrand Visits IHEP


A seven-person delegation from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa, headed by Prof. Adam HABIB, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Wits, visited IHEP on August 31st, 2017. Prof. Wang Yifang, Director of IHEP, along with Prof. Chen Gang, Deputy Director of IHEP, and a number of IHEP staff, hosted the delegation.

Prof. Wang welcomed the Wits delegation, and gave an introduction to IHEP’s research programme and future plans. Prof. HABIB expressed thanks for the warm welcome and gave an overview of teaching and research at Wits. Staff from IHEP then introduced the CEPC Physics Program, the CEPC Accelerator Program and the CEPC Detector Program.

IHEP and Wits signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in January, 2017. On this occasion, both parties expressed their desire, within the framework of the MoU, to further strengthen and extend their collaboration, and look forward to seeing the fruit of working together.

After the meeting, the South African guests visited the BEPC and the BSRF experiment hall.