Academic Lecture: On mu-tau Symmetry in Neutrino Mass Matrix


Title: On mu-tau Symmetry in Neutrino Mass Matrix 
Speaker: Dr.Nidal CHAMOUN (University of Damascus, SYRIA) 
Date: 10:00AM, July 11, 2017 Tuesday 
Place: Seminar Room 319, Library Building 

Abstract: The reporter will briefly review the mu-tau symmetry in neutrino mass matrix leading to vanishing theta_{13}. One resorts usually to perturbations in order to justify the non vanishing value of theta_{13}, and he will investigate the corresponding partial mu-tau symmetry, how it can accommodate the neutrino data, and implement it, within type-I seesaw scenario, into the lepton sector in order to generate lepton asymmetry. He will present also a realization of the high scale perturbed texture which keeps its form through seesaw into the low scale. Finally, he states a new `rotated' mu-tau symmetry leading directly, without perturbation, to non vanishing theta_{13}, and equally investigate it.