Academic Lecture: Stringy quantum geometry


Title: Stringy quantum geometry 
Speaker: Dr.Fen Zuo (YMSC, Tsinghua U.) 
Time: 3:00pm, June 1st, 2017 (Thursday) 
Place: Theoretical Physics Division,319 

Abstract: Around 2010, Liang Kong proposed an interesting notion of viewing 2d conformal field theories as“stringy algebraic geometry”. Here we try to generalize such a notion to a 4d“stringy quantum geometry”. That this could be possible is due to two important facts: first, in the mathematical construction of (rational) conformal field theories (FRS framework), the local data and the topological structure are in fact separated; secondly, the bulk-boundary correspondence could been concretely categorificated as the“bulk=center”relation, as shown recently by L.Kong and X-G.Wen. With such a construction we try to answer two questions: what's the topological meaning of the simplicity condition which formally deforms the BF theory to general relativity? how the Bekenstein-Hawking formula for the black hole entropy is achieved?