Academic Lecture: Superconducting RF infrastructures and industrialization for large projects


Title: Superconducting RF infrastructures and industrialization for large projects 
Speaker: Prof.Carlo Pagani (INFN & University of Milano) 
Moderator: Prof.Gao Jie
Time: 14:00, Feb.10
Place: Room C305, IHEP Main Building
The development in the past decades of advanced particle accelerators for fundamental and applied physics has generated the cultural background that makes now possible to conceive and build very large and reliable accelerators like the ones needed for the CEPC and the ADS. Nevertheless, this great opportunity requires as in the past the creation in the proponent labs of a large number of specialists in the key technologies, like Superconducting RF and cryogenics, together with a strong connection with qualified industries in order to transfer from the beginning the results of the R&D up to a fully reliable industrial production. In this seminar the European XFEL experience is used as reference to describe and discuss the path from the international effort for the development of the TESLA linear collider up to the real installation of the European XFEL accelerator with more than 800 SRF cavities, cryomodules and related ancillaries, all successfully produced by industry. On the basis of this experience the pros and cons of the decisions taken in terms of lab infrastructures and industrial investments are also discussed. 

About the speaker: 
Carlo Pagani is the Professor of University of Milano and LASA laboratory of INFN, Italy, and Guest Professor of IHEP, CAS. He designed the TTF cryomodule and led the Italian contribution to Euro-XFEL including more than 400 superconducting cavities and the cryomodules, the photo-cathode system and the 3rd harmonic module. He played leading roles in several large science projects especially the linear collider project TESLA / ILC. He is now the member of the Euro-XFEL Council, and was the chairman of the TTC Technical Board, member of LHC Machine Advisory Committee, and member of ILC GDE and CCB.