Academic Lecture: Solving large-N gauge theory by integrability


Title: Solving large-N gauge theory by integrability 
Speaker: Dr.Yun-Feng Jiang(江云峰)(ETH Zürich) 
Time: 2:30PM,Jan.18th 2017 (Wednesday) 
Place: Theoretical Physics Division,319 

Abstract: Gauge theories describe fundamental interactions in nature but are hard to solve especially in strongly coupled regime. On the other hand, integrable models which usually appear in low dimensional many-body systems preserve infinitely many conserved charges and can be solved exactly. It is realized in recent years that certain large N gauge theories in 4 dimensions can be seen as an integrable system which raises the hope to solve them exactly. In this talk, the speaker will give an overview of the beautiful relation between large N gauge theory and integrability. In particular, he will explain in detail how to compute correlation functions of local gauge invariant operators of the planar $\mathcal{N}=4$ Super-Yang-Mills theory using integrability. He will also comment on the computation of other interesting quantities such as Wilson loops and scattering amplitudes and generalizations to other theories.