Academic Lecture: Violation of Bounds on Incoherent Transport in Holography


Title: Violation of Bounds on Incoherent Transport in Holography 
Speaker: Prof.Wei-Jia Li(李伟佳)(Dalian University of Technology) 
Time: 10:00 AM, Jan.6th,2017 (Friday) 
Place: Theoretical Physics Division,319 

Abstract: Transport in strongly-disordered metallic systems is governed by diffusive processes. Based on gravity theories as well as quantum mechanics, it has been conjectured that the thermoelectric conductivities and diffusivities obey several lower bounds in previous holographic studies. In this talk,the speaker will introduce holographic models of“homogeneous disorders”and show that the higher derivative terms have strong impacts on the conductivities and the charge diffusion, indicating that there is no bounds in the most general holographic model with momentum dissipation.