2003 BES Publications 10

2003 BES Publications 10
(1 in PRL; 3 in PLB; 4 in PRD; 1 in Mod.Phys. Lett.A; 1 in Nucl.Phys.B )

1) Measurement of the Mass and Full Width of the ηcMeson
Phys. Lett.B555(2003)174-180
2) ψ(2s) Two-and Three-body Hadronic Decay
Phys. Rev.D67(2003)052002
3) Search for Lepton Flavour Violation Process J/ψ→eμ
Phys. Lett.B561(2003)49-54
4) Radiative Decay of the ψ(2s) into Two Pseudoscalar Mesons
Phys. Rev.D67(2003)032004
5) First Evidence of ΛΛ in χcJ Decays
Phys. Rev.D67(2003)112001
6) Observation of a Near Threshold Enhancement in the pp Mass Spectrum from Radiative J/ψ→νpp
Phys. Rev.Lett.91(2003)022001
7) Partial Wave Analyses of J/ψ→νK+K-and νK0sK0s
Phys. Rev.D68(2003)052003
8) Measurement of Branching Ratios for ηc Hadronic Decays
Phys. Lett.B587(2003)16-22
9) Recent results from BES J/ψ data
Mod.Phys. Lett.A18(2003)340-346
10) Recent J/ψ results at BESII