2001 BES Publications 5

2001 BES Publications 5
(1 in PLB; 1 in PRD; 1 in Nucl. Instr. Meth.A; 1 in Nucl. Phys.A; 2 in Nucl. Phys.B)

1)Measurement of ψ(2S) Decays to Baryon Pairs
Phys. Rev D63(2001)032002
2)The BES Upgrade
Nucl. Instr. Meth.A458(2001)627-637
3)Recent Results from BES
Nucl. Phys.B93(2001)151-156
4)N* and Λ* Search at Beijing Spectrometer (BES)
Nucl. Phys.A691(2001)381c-386c
5)Study of N* Production from J/ψ→ρρη
Phys. Lett.B510(2001)75-82