2000 BES Publications 14

2000 BES Publications 14
(1 in PRL; 4 in PRD; 3 in PLB; 6 in Nucl. Phys.A)

1)Recent N* Results from J/ψ Decays
Nucl. Phys.A675 (2000) 189c-192c
2)The Analysis of Decay Channels J/ψ→γγV(ρ,φ)
Nucl. Phys.A675 (2000) 337c-340c
3)Direct Measurement of Br(Ds+→K*0X) and Br(Ds+→K*0X)
Nucl. Phys.A675 (2000) 363c-366c
4)ψ(2S)→π+π-J/ψ Decay Distributions
Phys. Rev D62(2000)032002
5)Direct Measurement of B(D0→φX0) and B(D+→φX+)
Phys. Rev D62(2000)052001
6)Measurement of the Mass and Full Width of ηcMeson
Phys. Rev D62(2000)072001
7)Measurement of the Total Cross Section for Hadronic Production by e+e- Annihilation at Energies between 2.6-5 GeV
Phys. Rev. Lett.84 (2000) 594-597
8)Partial Wave Analysis of J/ψ→γK+K-π+ π-
Phys. Lett.B472 (2000) 200-206
9)Partial Wave Analysis of J/ψ→γπ+π-π+π-
Phys. Lett.B472 (2000) 207-214
10)Partial Wave Analysis of J/ψ→K0sK±π-+
Phys. Lett.B476 (2000) 25-32
11)Measurement of the Inclusive Charm Cross section at 4.03 GeV and 4.14 GeV
Phys. Rev D62(2000)012002
12)Recent Results from the BES Collaboration
Nucl. Phys.A675 (2000) 13c-18c
13)Recent ψ'Results at BES
Nucl. Phys.A675 (2000) 71c-75c
14)R Measurement at BES
Nucl. Phys.A675 (2000) 112c-115c