Postdoc position on Hadron Physics related to CGEM detectors at IHEP--Joint IHEP-INFN Fellowships


The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in Beijing, P.R.C., and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) in Rome, Italy, are opening in the framework of their joint Fellowships Program a Postdoc fellow position on Hadron Physics related to the CGEM Inner Tracker (CGEM-IT) of the BESIII spectrometer, hosted on the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPCII) at IHEP.

The BESIII experiment ( has accumulated the world’s largest samples of e+e- collisions in the tau-charm region, and has produced many new results in the light hadron spectroscopy, and the spectroscopy, transitions, and decays of charmonium(-like) states; among the others, the discoveries of the charged Zc structures, which, if resonant, cannot be accommodated in the traditional charm quark and anti-charm quark picture of charmonium.

Successful candidate is going to play major role in the development of the algorithms for the simulation and reconstruction of the tracks in the BESIII CGEM-IT, as well as physics analyses and background studies. The INFN group within BESIII is playing a leading role in the design and construction of the CGEM-IT and in the development of the related software and tracking algorithms.

This appointment will be for a period of two years with a possible extension for another one year, up to a total of three years. A candidate will participate to the design and construction phases of the CGEM-IT, and in case of a renewal for the third year of the appointment, to its installation and commissioning, foreseen in the year 2018. Several technical publications related to the CGEM-IT and on the Hadron Physics performed at BESIII are foreseen.

Ph.D in experimental particle or nuclear physics is required.

Extended previous experience in ROOT-, GEANT3- and GEANT4-based Monte Carlo simulations and data analysis, as well as in track reconstruction algorithms development and validation, and C++ programming skills are also required. A previous post-doc experience of at least three years in HEP is appreciated.

The candidate must hold at the time of start of his appointment a Scientific Association to INFN.

The candidate will be expected to travel for short or long term to different INFN sites in Italy, to the Universities of Mainz in Germany and Uppsala in Sweden, and to any other collaborating institute.

The selected candidate:

- will be offered by IHEP a Post-doctoral Fellowship, in accordance with IHEP's Staff Rules and Regulations;

- will be an Associated Scientist to INFN, in accordance with INFN's Associated Scientists Rules and Regulations;

- shall at all times, during his appointment, be employed by IHEP, who shall provide to the payment of a gross salary of four hundred thousands (400,000) RMB per year;

- shall apply to the programme by CAS aimed to support IHEP in hiring foreign researchers, within period of three (3) months from the date of his selection; failure to submit the application to CAS will in principle be considered a reason valid for the termination of the contract.

Candidates should send by email a statement of interest, a CV, and have three letters of recommendation sent to Rinaldo Baldini,, Director of the INFN-IHEP JointLab.

Candidates should also provide to Rinaldo Baldini their Skype Contact ID, in case the Selection Commitee would require an interview; the candidates for those an interview were needed will be contacted in due time.

The review of applications will begin on December, 15th 2015 h12 CST considering the applications already received, and will last until the position is filled.

IHEP has an international working environment and no knowledge of Chinese is required; excellent knowledge of written and spoken English is required.