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CSNS recruitment of high-level talents across the world

Date: 2021-03-01 Author:



CSNS provides a creative and challenging working environment to helo its staff develop their careers in cutting-edge science, technology and engineering.

The facility consists of an H-linac, a proton rapid cycling synchrotron, and three neutron instruments in Phase I of the project. CSNS will provide scientists with unique and powerful neutron scattering instruments for the study of a large range of materials – from polymers and pharmaceuticals to membranes and molecules. It is located in Dongguan, Guangdong province,  about 48km from Shenzhen and 125 km from Hong Kong. CSNS started full operation in 2018 and currently has about 350 employees.


Recruitment Objectives:

We are now recruiting junior and senior scientists in the research areas associated with CSNS. Successful candidates will have a proven track record of relevant research expertise, and be able to think innovatively. Preference will be given to candidates with extensive experience of development of neutron scattering instruments and related scientific research, neutron data analysis and visualization, neutron detectors and electronics, neutron optics and polarization techniques, and neutron sampling environmental techniques.


Salary and benefits:

1   Salary
Negotiable (depending on experience)
2   Holidays and leave
Weekends, Chinese official public holidays, paid annual leave, and statutory sick leave etc
3   Social Insurance
Health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance, etc.
4   Competitive housing subsidy



Office of Human Resources, Dongguan Neutron Science Center
E-mail: dghr@ihep.ac.cn
Tel: (86)0769-89156323
Fax: (86)0769-89156323
Address: No. 1, Zhongziyuan Road, Dalang, Dongguan 523803, China


Applications should include a CV, an outline of academic accomplishments, a description of current research and a plan for future research, 3 – 5 published papers representative of your work, and a record of citations of your work. You should arrange for 3 letters of reference from experts in your field to be sent by post or email, unless you are already at senior scientist level.