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Fourth CSNS Science and Technology Committee Meeting Convened in Dongguan

Date: 2017-12-14


The fourth CSNS Science and Technology Committee Meeting, chaired by CAS Academician Fang Shouxian, was convened in Dongguan on December 14, 2017. 45 members including 15 academicians attended the meeting.


Professor Wang Yifang, Director of the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), delivered remarks welcoming and thanking the attendees for their consistent support for the CSNS Project. Prof. Chen Hesheng, project manager of CSNS, reported on the general progress of the CSNS Project, covering the status of construction and commissioning, plans for phase-II spectrometer, beam power upgrade and user cultivation. He also discussed the problems facing the project and ways of solving them.


At the parallel sessions, Prof. Fu Shinian reported on the progress of accelerator, Prof. Wang Fangwei reported on the progress of target and neutron instruments, the future plan of instruments, respectively. At the sessions, discussion and exchange were held. The attendees spoke highly of the CSNS achievements made over the past two years and put forward many valuable suggestions. Before the parallel sessions, the attendees had a site tour.