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Martin Dove: Recent Developments in Total Scattering Experiments

Date: 2017-04-06

Topic: Recent developments in total scattering experiments   


Reporter: Prof. Martin T. Dove


Time: 9:00 a.m, April 6


Location: Room 301, Building A1, CSNS


Host: Prof. Zhang Junrong


Report Summary: I now consider myself to be an old friend of the neutron scattering group in CSNS, and it is pleasure to be able to present our work again. I will talk about some recent developments in the area of total scattering and our use of the Reverse Monte Carlo method. In particular I will discuss the ideas applied to molecular crystals, with examples of disordered systems. I will also discuss new ideas for the way to properly account for the effects of instrument resolution based on a representaton of the scattering function in terms of Hermite functions. I will talk a little about our roadmap for the Reverse Monte Carlo method. As an aside I will show how it is possible to obtain good PDF data from a laboratory x-ray source, and show results concerning the atomic structure of metal chalcogenite nanoclusters.