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Welcome to CSNS


We have thousands of visitors from all over the world coming to discover the CSNS every year.  
The visits include a general introduction in our Visitor Centre, followed by a guided tour to the experimental hall and the beamlines where the scientists work. If lucky enough, you can go down to the linac and RCS tunnel and have a close look at the magnificent accelerators and magnets.

Please note our safety requirements:
Visits must be booked 2 months in advance.
Please scan your passport or national ID card (to get access to the restricted area), and send it to guby@ihep.ac.cn. 

Visits for Groups
1. Last for about 2 hours (in the morning or afternoon) 
2. Are organised on weekdays from Monday to Friday 
3. The following information is needed at least 15 days in advance, for site access reasons: full name, affiliation, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, for all those in the group.
If you want to make a reservation for a group visit please send your request to guby@ihep.ac.cn. 


For visitors who are in need of a Chinese visa, CSNS will help you apply for an official visa letter, issued by Chinese Academy of Sciences. 15 working days are expected to apply for such a visa letter. For more detailed information please send your request to guby@ihep.ac.cn.