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  Feb. 2001

Idea of building the CSNS discussed

  Jun. 2005

Proposal approved in principle by the Central Government of People's Republic of China 

  Jan. 2006

Prototyping R&D started

  Sep. 2008

Proposal approved by the National Development and Reform Commission

  Oct. 2009

Feasibility study report approved

  Apr. 2010

Preparation of the CSNS site selection started

  Sep. 2011

Construction started & component fabrication started

  May. 2012

Civil Construction started

  Oct. 2014

Installation of frontend and LRBT started in Linac tunnel

  Apr. 2015

Installation of the RCS magnets started in RCS tunnel

  May. 2015

The Helium Vessel of the target station installed

  Dec. 2016

RCS commissioning started

  Sep. 2017

First beam on Target