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The China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) is the first neutron source facility in developing countries. The CSNS is being built in Dalang Town, Dongguan City, and it includes a powerful linear proton accelerator, a rapid circling synchrotron, a target station and three neutron instruments. As one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects in China, CSNS is expected to have positive effects in promoting the sciences, high-tech development and national security. 



The Central Square



For the purpose of building and operating CSNS, IHEP opened its first branch - Dongguan Campus in 2013. The mission of Dongguan Campus is to finish the construction of CSNS, and to develop CSNS into not just a research center for neutron and proton sciences, but also a world-class comprehensive research base for dimensional academic subjects. 


Aerial View of CSNS


Currently there are more than 400 scientists and engineers working together in Dongguan on the CSNS project. Once complete, CSNS will support research teams, including many from China and other countries, in addressing significant global challenges that range from healthcare and security to ecology and fuel technology. 


For more information please contact the office of general affairs: guby@ihep.ac.cn.