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SANS helps construct daisy chain dendrimers Apr 23, 2020

SANS researchers collaborated to test solution and solid composite membrane samples, and confirmed that the conformation of each branch of Daisy chain tree molecule folds after stimulation, resulting in a controllable and reversible size change of the whole.

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Scientists unveil the microscopic structure–property relationship of metal–organic polyhedron nanocomposites using SANS Sept 30, 2019

Monodispersed hairy nanocomposites with typical 2 nm (isophthalic acid)24Cu24 metal–organic polyhedra (MOP) as a core protected by 24 polymer chains with controlled narrow molecular weight distribution has been probed by imaging and scattering studies for the heterogeneity of polymers in the nanocomposites and the confinement effect the MOPs imposing on anchored polymers.

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