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Talent Projects

There are a number of fellowship opportunities available for qualified candidates to come and work at IHEP, each of which comes with a highly competitive funding package. These fellowships are known as the “Talent Programs”, and are available at national, CAS and IHEP level. IHEP offers “Talent Program” fellowships in the subjects of experimental particle and nuclear physics, theoretical physics, astronomy and astrophysics, nuclear technology, multidisciplinary research, accelerators, neutron physics, and condensed matter physics.


Postgraduate Study and Postdoctoral Research

The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), used to be known asthe Institute of Modern Physics,CAS, which was established in 1950,was founded on the basis of the First Department of the Institute of Atomic Energy in 1973. Now IHEP is staffed with 1145 people, including 842 physicists and engineers. Among the 221 tutors there are 11 academicians and 110 doctoral...



The IHEP International Office offers year-round Science Communication internships for undergraduate and graduate students. Interns will learn to write short news articles, press releases and stories for publication on the IHEP website, social media channels and elsewhere, communicating the lab’s work to a wider audience. Interns may also be able to participate in writing and design of brochures,...