Beam pipe precisely installed in the center of BESIII
Academicians visited the BEPCII
200-meter long klystron gallery of the electron linear accelerator
Chinese Academy of Sciences arranged review to the progress of the BEPCII on Jan.21,2008.
12th experimental hall of synchrotron radiation after upgrading
Academician Fang Shouxian closed the collider on July.4,2005. which signified BEPC had completed its mission and would prepare to be upgraded.
Bai Chunli, the executive vice president of CAS was holding the BEPCII equipment installation ceremony on April.30,2004.
BEPCII project general mobilization was held in the Insitute of High Energy Physics on Jan.17,2004. CAS president Lu Yongxiang delivered speech.
The old generation constructors concern the BEPCII.
Workers were removing the first equipment of BEPCI, the electrostatic seprator.