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Executive Board

The EB advises the Spokespersons on scientific, technical, and management matters, including making technical or scientific choices, establishing scientific priorities for the experiment, the choice of management personnel, etc. It shall review and make recommendations regarding all issues of major importance to the Collaboration.


      Changzheng Yuan,
      Prof. of IHEP, Tel: 010-88233199

Executive Board Committee: (updated: 2020/07/13 )

      Marco Maggiora,
      Prof. of Turin and INFN University,

      Yuanning Gao, 
      Prof. of Tsinghua University,

      Wolfgang Gradl,
      Prof. of Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz,

      Xinchou Lou,
      Prof. of IHEP, Tel: 010-88236577

     Changzheng Yuan ,
      Prof. of IHEP, Tel: 010-88233199

      Mingyi dong,
      Prof. of IHEP, Tel: 010-88236267

      Haiping Peng ,
      Prof. of USTC, 

      Ryan Mitchell,
      Prof. of Indiana Univ., 

      Xiaoyan Shen,
      Prof. of IHEP, Tel: 010-88236175

      Xiaorui Lyu,
      Prof. of UCAS,