CAO Jun    Deputy Director

Email: caoj@ihep.ac.cn


He obtained his B.Sc. degree at Wuhan University in 1993 and his Ph.D. degree from IHEP in 1998. Following postdoctoral fellowships at the Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LAL, France) and the University of Michigan, he has worked at IHEP since 2004.

He led the antineutrino detector design and construction, liquid scintillator R&D, and data analysis of the Daya Bay experiment, and has served as the co-spokesperson of Daya Bay since 2013. He is an initiator of the JUNO experiment, and serves as the deputy spokesperson.

He has been awarded the First Prize of the State Natural Science Award in 2016, the 2013’s Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of CAS, and the C.N. Yang award of the Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies in 2013.